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Here At this blog, you’ll find advice posts, motivational posts, and of course the Agony Aunt column!

Lyrics #1

Hello everyone! Today I’m trying something new, and I’m extremely nervous… A while back, some of you guys said you’d like to see some of my own writings, like poems, short stories, lyrics… So here I am today, sharing some song lyrics I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy! Please leave constructive criticismContinue reading “Lyrics #1”

Period Hacks!

Hello everyone! In today’s post, I wanted to share with you guys some Period Life Hacks! I find it awful and weird that Periods are almost a “taboo” subject, even though they’re a completely normal part of a woman’s daily life! Someone has to speak about them, so I will! QOTD: What are some ofContinue reading “Period Hacks!”


Just random ramblings on being a teenage girl!

The AGony Aunt

Possibly my favourite part of this blog, the Agony Aunt is where you guys can send me your problems and dilemma’s through this simple form, and I get back to you through a post on my blog, guiding you through the situation and telling you what I would do!

Advice posts

Posts where I either ask for your advice, or give you mine! Like I Need Your Advice, or other posts where I give you my advice for staying healthy, productive and happy!

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Get in Touch

Reach out so we can hang out, plan a collab, or if you want to work with me!


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